Day 26: Infertility is a Many-Headed Beast

I have read a number of blogs this ICLW, and just like last month, I am humbled and awed by the heroines and (heroes) slogging their way through the nasty, evil swamp that is infertility. Each one of you is hacking your own fearless path out, and the way each of you handle your battle wounds is unique. You are all so amazing, brave, hopeful, righteously angry, stubborn and beautiful.

At the same time, reading the blogs is crazy-making. We all have the same foe, yet there’s no silver bullet to defeat it. I flippantly suggested that educating boys at a young age about peak fertility years was one solution, but this is only a small pebble against a malevolent force that threatens many, whether they are young or old, male or female, conservative or liberal, rich or poor, single or married.

There is one stolid maiden who might be powerful enough to defeat this many-headed beast if we all gather behind her, feed her, equip her, support her, cheer her and raise the battle standard behind her. She, of course, is RESOLVE. She is still David in the battle versus Goliath, but we all know how that story ended?

So I am going to visit her, maybe join one of her campaigns. Together, maybe we (and our children) can all live happily ever after?



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2 responses to “Day 26: Infertility is a Many-Headed Beast

  1. Crazy-making = Uglies.
    I know that one!

  2. I cannot agree with you more. I’m all in for that campaign, where do I sign up?

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