Day 25: Having a Down Day, Now What?

Today hasn’t been a great day. Nothing awful happened. The kids are sick, but not in that scary, counting their breaths per minute kind of way. We’ve been in quarantine, no one has slept the last three nights, so this is low-grade misery. Still, I feel down. When I feel down, I generally get pulled into a guilt spiral of shame: I could have so many worse problems! Shut up, loser!

I decided to pull myself out of the funk by making this awesome looking recipe. Yummy, right? I excitedly pulled out all the ingredients, then realized I didn’t have an onion. I collapsed into tears. Tears over an onion! Really?

Finally I decided to just chill out and drink an iced tea. Gradually I came back to myself. And the lesson about joy I learned today is sometimes I have to cut myself a break.


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2 responses to “Day 25: Having a Down Day, Now What?

  1. Merlot

    I hate when that happens. I keep a container of dry minced onion in my spice cabinet because my husband has a weird hatred of big chunks of onion when I chop it for recipes. Plus, the pieces are teeny tiny just the way he likes them :-).

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