My Favorite Things: Grandma’s Homemade Sweater

Perfect Moment Monday “is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.”

Confession time: my mother-in-law makes me feel inadequate.

Not in the normal ways a MIL does. You see, she’s the real-deal, a genuine article domestic goddess.

A NORMAL person (or, say, me) will take up cooking as a way to make homemade meals for the kiddos, and will gradually perfect simple recipes like mac & cheese, brussels sprouts and turkey meatloaf. My MIL, as soon as her own kids were born, decided to cook for her family too. The difference is she became such a culinary master that she gradually, through word-of-mouth, began catering local affairs until she built an august establishment which still provides the cocktail nibbles for some of the biggest events in town. (Her partner now runs the show.)

A NORMAL person (or, say, me) might decide that gardening could be a fun past-time and a small herb garden, perhaps, might be planted. My MIL also decided to plant a garden. A garden that has exploded into a local wonder featured on every major local gardening tour, a garden that wins multiple gold ribbons and was recently, I kid you not, featured on the cover of a Better Homes and Garden publication. Don’t believe me? Here is some photographic evidence of a small, teeny-tiny portion of her almost one acre extravaganza.









Here’s another corner:








A NORMAL person (or, say, me) might take up knitting as a fun hobby to pass the time, and might produce exactly one lopsided item: a scarf with visible gaps where the stitches should be. My MIL became such a master of knitting that she began producing items for an exclusive department store.

Today she presented my daughter with a sweater for Valentine’s Day. It’s typically gorgeous and intricate, bearing all her usual hallmarks of overachievement. But I long ago realized that all of her success in the domestic arts is really, at heart, an effort to show her family how much she loves them. And seeing my daughter reap the rewards of that love was My Perfect Moment.



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8 responses to “My Favorite Things: Grandma’s Homemade Sweater

  1. Wow. That is one multitalented lady! Gorgeous sweater. I bet she’s pretty nice, to boot, and an excellent mom to your husband.

    Thanks for sharing all her goodness with us!

  2. Esperanza

    Wow, your MIL is truly amazing. Domestic Goddess does not even begin. It would be hard to play second fiddle to her, but you seem to be coming out of the whole ordeal relatively unscathed. I love the sweater, especially the buttons. Very cute!

    • She IS hard to play second fiddle to, you’re right. Luckily we both have our strengths, so we have complimentary skills to share. What is your website address? I somehow lost it and want to follow you…

  3. chhandita

    Your MIL is one inspirational lady. Beautiful sweater.

  4. Can I just live in your MIL’s garden? I don’t take up a lot of room.

  5. Wow, now I feel inadequate too. I bet she can also wear white and never spill a drop on herself.

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