Day 21: Pie for Dinner, Update

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On our way to Green Chile Pies, we got stuck in some traffic. So, er, we decided to drive 30 blocks out of our way and go have dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling King.








Yeah. That was not very disciplined of us. However, our meal cost $22 for a family of four. It was so delicious! We had the Shanghai dumplings, because we’re that original. (It’s a dumpling that has a soup-y liquid center when you bite into it. Sounds weird, tastes great.)








We also ordered the green onion pancakes. Also tasty, and a hit with the youngest.








My favorite was the pot stickers, which had the liquid-y soup-y center of the Shanghai dumplings, but were pan-fried and crispy too. They were very flavorful. Both the dumplings and the pot stickers were hard to eat with chopsticks, so I used the big soup spoon they offered us.








You don’t go to the King expecting ambience. It is a serious hole in the wall.

Next, pie: we obviously decided to sample the sweet pies.








I got the Banana Creme:








Darcy ordered the Key Lime Blueberry Pie:








What’s better than pie? Not much.



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4 responses to “Day 21: Pie for Dinner, Update

  1. if it makes you feel any better, I had 1/2 a dark chocolate cupcake and 1/2 a coconut cupcake for dinner last night.. and may I just say, thank goodness I don’t live anywhere near this shop because I’d be shaped like a pie..a big fluffy meringue covered one.

  2. Dropping by for ICLW week!
    The Green Chili Pie caught my eye but I didn’t see any pix posted? Is that something this restaurant serves? Sounds quite yummy, as where I live Green Chili goes w/everything, even served at McDonalds!
    The C’s
    ICW #161

    • Guessing you live in New Mexico 🙂 The pieshop is part of a New Mexican restaurant that is yummy! They do have a pie that is a “green chili apple pie”, and it’s supposed to amazing. I haven’t had the nerve to try it yet, but I will someday! According to the website it has a walnut and cheddar crust and comes a la mode with a red chile drizzle…pretty wild!

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