My Favorite Things: My Mid-Century Dresser

We needed a dresser in a hurry a couple of years ago. Our budget: under $100. I searched Craig’s List, IKEA and eBay but there was nothing that could be delivered quickly enough or was in our price range. So I decided to go to Salvation Army. I was looking for something with clean lines, preferrably in a 50’s or 60’s style.

I quickly found a dark brown dresser with nine drawers. It was made of veneer – there were not a lot of real wood pieces at that price point. It might have served as a piece of office furniture or a buffet in a dining room. Getting in it my car was a challenge as was getting it out. The top was chipped and cracked in places so I used a mahogany colored furniture pen to fill in the marks. If you look up close, you can still see the cracks.

Nevertheless, from a distance it has a stark contemporary look that I’ve paired with sentimental photos and ceramics. (Maybe it tones down the sugary effect of all our mementos?)

It has become one of my favorite pieces. I like the beat-up but sturdy frame, the sleek lines, and the character it seems to hold.


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