Day 11: Playing Tour Guide

I am trying to ignore my broken pinky. Let’s pretend that never happened. Although I will say that I am always telling my kids to be careful closing the car door. If SOMEONE had to learn that lesson the hard way, I’m glad it’s me and not them!

I have been somewhat obsessed with playing tour guide. We live in a tourist-heavy city, and one of my bugaboos is that the places tourists end up going are not authentic to our area at all and could be anywhere, and then they don’t like those places and don’t like our city. OK, fine. So I’m going to blow my cover and tell you that we live in the Bay Area. And the tourist traps are Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39.  Be forewarned: these places could be in Blackpool or Orlando. Also, bring sweaters. It’s always cold here, even in the summer. Also, we love you. Please come see us! And go to the Ferry Building. It’s awesome and the views there are amazing! (And Alcatraz is SO worth the visit.)

The accident happened, embarrassingly enough, when I was trying to take my sister-in-law out to dinner at an “authentic” Bay Area institution. Instead, I slammed my finger in the door and she got to see a REALLY authentic institution: our local ER. She spent 4 hours admiring the place. Poor SIL.

Something I realized though is that people want to go where people want to go. People have seen countless movies and TV shows featuring San Francisco. They want to see cable cars, Lombard Street, Coit Tower and eat sourdough bread bowls of clam chowder. This is what SIL wants to see and eat, too. So I need to put aside my visions of showing her the “real” San Francisco (Ton Kiang, the De Young Museum and Tartine Bakery if you’re curious) and give SIL what she wants.

And the truth is, as I’ve rediscovered, that stuff is fun!

But I draw the line at Pier 39.

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