Day 8: Setting up a Guest Suite

My brother and his wife got married this year. It was the smallest wedding you can imagine (immediate family only – 8 people total!) and they never took a honeymoon. My brother is in grad school and money is tight, so I am so honored and pleased that for his school break he and his wife chose to visit us!

We have a guest bedroom available because the twins prefer to share a room, so I wanted to set up the room like a boutique hotel room. The kids’ bathroom doesn’t even have a shower curtain (not necessary with our crazy water babies), and I wanted to make it plush too. Funds are, as I have mentioned, short. I had to be creative.

My mother-in-law let me borrow a matching set of lamps. I used our TV tables as bedside tables, using old baby blankets to cover them. (I didn’t have many other linen choices!) I used our wedding quilt (another present from the in-laws) as a coverlet for the bed. For the bathroom, I did buy a new shower curtain and hardware (I loved the retro look of the curtain).

I hope it looks special enough…we are so thrilled to be hosting our dear guests.








I especially like how the curtain matches the potties 🙂











The “hotel room”:

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  1. Amy

    Beautiful! And I love the paint colors in the bedroom!

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