Day 7: Eat Your Brussels Sprouts!

Daily blogging is hard! Also, the sky is blue.

I love to eat out. I will not be eating out this year. I am trying to console myself by cooking good food.

Once upon a time on my birthday my husband took me to a trendy restaurant called SPQR. It had just opened to HUGE hoopla. It was packed and we waited half an hour outside on a cold foggy evening, until we were finally seated at the bar. The chef, Nate Appleman, was cooking and we engaged in some banter with him until I offended him with some pretentious talk about “Top Chef” and he stopped speaking to me. I can be such an idiot.

Regardless, we had read that the thing to order was their brussels sprouts. Eww, right? I tried to keep an open mind when we ordered them. Turns out, these brussels sprouts were out of this world. Sweet, salty caramelized yumminess.

At the grocery store on Friday I saw some brussels sprouts at the produce stand and they looked beautiful. I googled “SPQR Brussels Spouts” and found the recipe! From Nate Appleman. So I bought them.

Saturday night is a good night to cook. My husband isn’t super wound up from work and can chat with me in the kitchen. The kids are now playing together and generally being wonderful (not that they weren’t before).

I will warn you that the prep took a while (about 45 minutes, but my knifework sucks). Also, how do you get rid of the salt in capers? I skipped that step.

Here’s the brussels sprouts cooking. Lots of smoke.








You drain the end product in paper towels.








And then the end result (please ignore our ugly countertops):








Nate Appleman, you rule. You dismissed me as an idiot, but I proclaim you to be a genius. Best brussels sprouts ever!!


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