Day 5: My Mom’s Poem – “Awaiting Your Birth”

Something that brings my mother joy is writing poetry. This is my favorite of all her poems. It’s somewhat prophetic that the poem is partially about me trying to keep my own “baby” alive and failing when I was a child, just like my own body often failed to hold pregnancies when I became an adult. And yet, the poem ends triumphantly with the impending birth of my beloved brother, whose upcoming visit next week I am already celebrating.

Awaiting Your Birth

By Judith Waller Carroll

As you shifted and swam

beneath my billowing dress,

your big sister caught a salamander,

its slippery body sliding

through her fingers into the glass dish.

She tried hard to find the perfect balance

of water and rocks, but gradually

its spirit floated away from its skin,

even as you were about to plant

your water-logged feet

firmly in time.

I need to note for copyright purposes that this poem won second prize in the Tallahasee Writer’s Association’s Penumbra Contest. (She also won first prize for “Leaving Montana” 🙂 ) Both the poems will be published in the 2011 copy of the Seven Hills Review.


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