Hair Club for Women

That damn miscarriage. Not only was it physical and emotional napalm, it also compromised my favorite feature, my hair. While my hair wasn’t very thick, the texture, color and style (maintained through twice yearly visits to my hairdresser) was often noticed and complemented. Until the week after the miscarriage when I noticed 50 strands of hair in the brush after a routine blowdry.

The hair loss has continued to the point where I have visible bald spots on my scalp. My doctor claims it’s stress induced and my hair will return, but it’s been more than six months now. Great. It seems to be adding insult to injury that I have to lose my hair, too.

Has anyone had this problem and if so, what (if anything) helped bring back your hair?



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5 responses to “Hair Club for Women

  1. Sugar’s grandmother had this problem years ago, also from stress. She was told to have/give herself (? not sure — this was before my time) daily scalp massages. i think the idea is that her tension was making the muscles of her scalp so tight that there wasn’t enough blood flow? something like that, at any rate.

  2. Here from ICLW – I don’t know much about this from stress, but I know a lot of women lose hair during pregnancy. It definitely grows back and should grow back thicker, but I’m not sure how long it will take. Sorry to hear that its making you unhappy. Sending prayers to you, your family and your angel.

  3. Wish I had some great words of advice for you but I don’t. 14 miscarriages and I lose a lot of hair regardless cuz I have a ton of it … Maybe the scalp messages that the previous noter mentioned would help … maybe you should research it on google a little. I hope that your heart heals as much as it can (you’ll always carry the pain, but sometimes, it doesn’t have to hurt so bad) …

    Happy ICLW from #37 … and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  4. I lost a ton of hair postpartum and it went on for months….I thought I would have no hair left…then suddenly it stopped falling out. Now I see a new crop of ‘baby hair’ around the edges of my hairline. One thing I did do that I think helped a bit was sleeping on a silk pillow case. Pulls out less hair during the night. Have you had your thyroid levels checked just in case? Sorry you are going through this. 😦

  5. Jem

    I’ve heard of women losing hair after giving birth.

    For the two weeks I was pg, I noticed my hair was AMAZING, glossy and full. Then it went back to its thin normal self.

    ~Jem (ICLW #5)

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