Babycenter Strikes Again

Ahh, the holidays. A time for cheer, charity and joy. No? What’s that, email from Babycenter? It’s a time for FEAR? Of course it is. When is any time of the year NOT a time for fear for the holly, jolly folks over at Babycenter?

Here are some actual headlines from my December newsletter from Fearmongercenter:

Beware the most harmful toys
Toxic toys still on store shelves
Product recalls: 7 ways to protect your kids
Children of divorce face higher risk of strokes as adults

Happy Holidays!


Filed under Babycenter Blues, Fear, Parenting After IF

2 responses to “Babycenter Strikes Again

  1. Aren’t they just a ray of freaking sunshine. I guess they’d have a real fit about me letting the boys grab the lights on the tree, huh?

  2. Ha! I’m guessing the liability lawyers who apparently write their stories wouldn’t approve of that, or a lot of things I let my kids do either.

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