Stupid Blogging Hiatus!

I really stopped blogging there, didn’t I? Not that I ever really set this spot ablaze.

In the absence of posting, I have been reading a number of the “big” blogs, like Flotsam, Finslippy, Breedemandweep, A Little Pregnant, Nie Nie, and Dooce as well as blogs that should be big. (And maybe they are, and I don’t know. That would be completely in character.) These include Once a Mother, Mrs. Gamgee, Miss Ruby, and Heeere, Storkey Storkey.  All of these gems have provided my soul with feeding and watering in their own ways during these last few ghastly and triumphant months. Humbly, I thank them all as a reader.

Aside: the only other blog I’d really read until this year was Ayelet Waldman’s “Bad Mother”.  Bipolar exhibitionism + great writing + openly expressed obsessive love for her famous husband = Fascinating and understandably short-lived experiment probably not to be attempted by anyone again.

I really am the last to pick up trends. Last night I was watching a rerun (of course) of “How I Met Your Mother”. Barney was touting his blog and the gang was giving him crap about how a blog was “so eight years ago”. So now it’s at least so nine years ago.

I know I should be twittering or tumblring or whatever newish technology is most faddish but I enjoyed my brief foray into blogging, so blogging it will be. And I promise (to myself, since I’m rather sure that no one else will care) that I will try to blog somewhat regularly.


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