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Babycenter is Evil. Part One. Of Many.

These are the actual headlines of the email update I received from Babycenter today. In other words, FEAR! And, IF YOU’RE NOT DISCUSSING WAR AND PEACE WITH YOUR CHILDREN THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE A STUNTED VOCABULARY! And if I remember correctly, Babycenter issued an earlier update implying that catastrophic things would result if you got your kids’ vaccines done on schedule.

Eff you, Babycenter.

1 in 8 public pools unfit to swim in, CDC says
Button batteries killing children
Why you may need to avoid canned food
Walmart’s Miley Cyrus jewelry toxic
Meaningful conversations boost kids’ language skills
Getting vaccines on schedule safe for kids’ brains, study says


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Radio Silence

What I am not saying on Facebook.

Status update 5/1/2010: Jjiraffe is recovering from pneumonia.

Status update 5/15/2010: Jjiraffe and family is getting evicted from our mold-ridden house (presence of “black mold” now confirmed by two sets of experts) by our landlord because she cannot “fix it at this time” and as “we consider it uninhabitable” she will “release” us from our lease at the end of the month.

Statue update 5/20/2010: Jjiraffe has been living at her in-laws house for 20+ days, with no end in sight.

Could I be a bigger loser?

But today I can finally post this:

Status update: Jjiraffe and family are in escrow.  30 days, and counting.

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