Silly me for thinking that my troubles were on the mend. On Friday I was diagnosed with pneumonia, and on Saturday, an air quality inspector that my husband hired because he couldn’t believe all this was a coincidence – he was diagnosed with bronchitis on Thursday – found black mold above our bed. So now we have decamped to my in-laws and I am trying to sleep but I can’t because not only can I not breathe properly, but I’m pretty sure the shuffling noices above me are rats scampering about in the ceiling.

I feel like Job.


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3 responses to “Disaster

  1. I am so sorry for the terrible news about the mold. I hope they’re able to clear it up quickly and you’re able to get home and healthy. (((hugs)))

    Rats? *shudder* Ewe!

  2. May

    Pneumonia is a hard one… and black mold and twins and strange noises in the night. Grief is often expressed in breathing. Please be sweet and loving to your precious self. I think you are onto something with the joy and music and flowers and blueberry blintzes. And sometimes you just have to stay in bed and read romances and drink lemon tea and sleep. Pneumonia would be one of those times.

  3. strongblonde

    just ran across your blog from stirrup queens. this totally sucks. glad you found out what could be the problem, though. better to learn it now!!

    i have a friend who lived in the city and they had so many rats that her daughter talked often about trying to adopt one as a pet!! lol

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