My IF Journey: Cheat Sheet

IF sucks. I’ve been dealing with it for awhile. Here’s my history:

2002: Get married.
2004-2005: Begin “fun” process of TTC. After a year, nada. We both do the standard tests. All tests come back normal. All systems go?
2006: IF process begins. Clomid IUI, no pregnancy. Injectibles, IUI, no pregnancy. Then IVF #1. After egg retrieval, disaster. Only four eggs retrieved, only one of good quality. Very unusual result given my age: 32. IF doctor diagnoses me with “unusual ovarian failure”. But, egg fertilizes anyway and turns into top quality embryo. BFP, but low Beta. Miscarriage #1, chemical pregnancy. We decide to take a break.
2007: IVF #2: 10 eggs, 8 fertilize, IF Dr does blastocycles, and ours stink. Implant top 2, BFN. Begin to investigate donor eggs.
IVF#3 – last chance before donor eggs! 8 eggs total, 4 fertilize, and top 2 implant. Twins pregnancy! Give birth to boy/girl twins at 35 weeks 5 days. Best day of my life. Yay!
2010: After two years of using IF as birth control I get pregnant. Totally unexpected as IF Dr. said chances of that happening were about 1 in a million. Small gestation sac noted at 5 weeks. But strong heartbeat. 8 weeks 1 day, miscarriage. Ugh. I don’t know why I thought the result would be anything else.


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