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The Movie “Up” and Infertility

My kids love the movie “Up”. I really like it too. I especially like the short but effective montage of the protagonist’s marriage, from courtship to (SPOILER ALERT) the death of his spouse, Ellie. The montage tastefully covers the fact that the couple is unable to have children, in just 30 seconds of images, and conveys how devastating and sad this is. My daughter especially seems to understand (“No babies? Sad…”, she says when she watches the segment).

I appreciate it when IF is handled sensitively in the media. Mostly, it’s not. Special dishonorable mention to the The New York Times for that deplorable series of articles on the “Modern Family”, which should have just been called “Infertile People are Selfish Freaks!”. I don’t remember any depictions of IF, positive or negative, in the books I read or movies I saw growing up. Ellie, the infertile character in “Up”, is a strong, likable woman and her shadow looms large over the whole movie, even though she barely appears in it. I’m sure that the children who watch this movie will remember Ellie positively. So, thanks for that, Pixar!


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“I Have Two of These at Home”

If you saw the Oscars on Sunday, you may have noticed the speech by the woman who won Best Costume Design. Her speech, which began with the statement “Well, I have two of these at home already…”, must have annoyed costume designers the world over. And I’m afraid this inagural post may do the same, if anyone ever reads it (but more likely I’m just typing into the void, which is probably for the best).

I had a miscarriage on Friday. And I am really bummed about it. Even though I have two kids already.

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